The Habit That Creates a Culture of Distrust at Work
Mayowa Babalola, Ph.D

Just say no


When I copy colleagues in an email, I make sure to explain in the body of the email why I am including them.

You should never, ever cc: someone merely for the purposes of “FYI”. What seems innocuous/helpful can result in an explosion of cc’s to replies to a very long email thread that can backfire badly, leaving higher ups to think you have no sense of value for anyone’s time.


Sam: you are in 3 of the 4 action items, let me know how I can help!
Angie: you’re in charge of the event date and details
Kelly: your input on item D is much appreciated

All: I’m forwarding this as an FYI to Jack and Mary so 1) they are up to speed and 2) they don’t get bogged down with multiple replies to this email.

It takes a bit of extra effort but any time spent improving communications is time well spent.