Soft, yet Strong…!

“She’s everything, even when she’s treated like nothing” - R. H. Sin

Woman. She is someone you see every damn day. She is your mother,your sister, your friend, your colleague,your girlfriend, your wife, your daughter. And yet, she is that someone who is always treated like nothing. And her thoughts continue to weigh heavily on her soul.

I ain’t a feminist nor a feminazi.
But I am someone who does support the rise of women to power. Clearly, women are better off today, but really, really far away from being equal to men. Certainly views of women rising has changed positively, but the society still remains dominated, stubbornly male.

The question of the hour is, are men and women equally treated in 
the society…???
And if you really feel there is a perfect balance in the society, let me throw some light to certain facts..!

There is still a major section who is refused education because of being a girl. Women still got to shoulder more of the household chores, still a minority in the executive suite and the emerging tech-sector and oh yes, the pay-inequality is a real thing. 
A disappointing statistics does show that women are still a minority in politics. Discrimination and unfair treatments even in sports as a career, not a brand new thing. 
She is still a victim of sexual harassment, rape and violence as well as 
human trafficking.
Still sure about being treated equally…???

I ain’t someone who would say, women should dominate over men. But giving equal rights is fair enough I suppose. 
What we need to change is our ideals of giving priority without any logic, and thereby concluding women are a weaker category. A change in us can definitely bring a change in society. If we can throw sexism, chauvinism out of our minds, we may get a better society willing to agree to equal rights.

Well I would definitely agree to what Mary Pauline Lowry said ,“There is pain in being a woman, yes, but there is pride in it too”.

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