Oh no my grammar annoys you
Dylan Tenner

LOL your poor grammar and bad spelling DO take away from your argument — it demonstrates how “poorly educated” (to quote Trump) you are and therefore aren’t qualified to discuss substantive issues. Sorry, you just aren’t.

People who voted for Trump tend to be poorly educated and tend to display a FRIGHTENING AMOUNT OF IGNORANCE about what’s really going on. Whether this is willful ignorance or not is hard to determine. There’s simply no excuse for continuing to believe the lies of the right wing propaganda machine, as perpetrated through Fox News, Brietbart, Infowars, etc. when a) Google exists. b) Their motives are SO PAINFULLY FUCKING OBVIOUS. and c) you can easily fact check their stories.

BTW it’s ‘through’, ‘you’re’, and ‘debt.’

And nice try about the “huge amount of debt”, bla bla bla. You know jack shit about me. FYI I run my own business and have for the last 7 years. Just bought my own home. BY MYSELF. No co-signer, etc, and probably make more as a model in an hour than you do in a day.

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