I just read your journal.
Marlene Lerner-Bigley

Thank you so much, Marlene.

Your post made me cry. I’m now past the shock, fear, and anger, and straight into the crying-all-day phase. I hope this is over soon; I can’t get much done.

My BS is recommending mastectomy on the right breast, at the very least, because now I have TWO tumors there (oh yay! I guess the first one was lonely.) Because of what I do for a living, I’d prefer to have a reconstruction there that matches the saved breast (if I DO save the breast cuz..I still need a biopsy on THAT breast after the suspicious MRI..I simply couldn’t hack it on the same day as I got my 2nd right biopsy..I hope you can keep up with all that, cuz I sure can’t sometimes.)

Or maybe I should just say screw it, and find something else to do as a career that doesn’t depend on my looks. It would save me a lot of hassle and I could just go flat.

So overwhelmed right now. But your message perked me up. Thanks again and best of luck to all of us who belong to the club we never wanted to be in.

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