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Thanks for the compliment.

Well, ok, so since you’re asking..IF Liberty University or some students there asked me to speak..quite honestly, no, I would not give a speech there. I think Jerry Falwell was a horrible, nasty bigot, and I wouldn’t be caught dead stepping foot on any campus that he built. His son, Jerry Falwell Jr, is a snake oil salesman, as these “evangelical” preacher types tend to be, who’s profiting from people’s superstitions. So, no, I would not want to endorse their corrupt empire in any way, shape or form.

My original point still stands that I don’t get why anyone would want to even hear Ann Coulter speak —she’s never contributed a single worthwhile, intelligent idea to the political landscape and in fact, much of what she’s done has helped kill intelligent, cordial, meaningful political debate in this country. You can’t even really call her a conservative. She’s an insane radical proponent of violence and toxicity.

And the fact that she’d even want to go somewhere where she’s not really wanted shows she’s all about publicity and really doesn’t stand for much of anything.

I hope that answered your question?

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