Game Machine: The Game Industry Built Based on Blockchain Technology

Game Machine is the global open ecosystem for a game industry constructed on the basis of the blockchain technology. Game Machine will unite all participants of this market: gamers, developers, advertisers for the sake of development of the industry and improvement of game products quality.

Game Machine creates loyal gaming audience which generates cryptocurrency Gamefuel by means of the principle of limited Proof-of-Work (Limited-Proof-of-Work). Use of such an approach allows to limit access to infrastructure to not participants of the market.

Game Machine Technology

Game Machine — blockchain of own construction, developed for the game industry. The main difference from the other blockchains is in the direct dependence on game industry and targeting on gamers, as on the main participants of a decentralized network: miners and node holders (as part and supernodes).

Due to the principles Proof-of-Authority (or “Proof-of-Gamer”) and Limited-Proof-of-Work it is more profitable for gamers to mine a base cryptocurrency of our system- Gamefuel.

Game Machine Ecosystem

Game Machine — blockchain, which is realized on the basis of a blockchain-framework Scorex 2 from Scorex Foundation. Scorex 2 the powerful blockchain-framework written in the Scala language, allowing to realize necessary functionality of Game Machine, such as smart contracts and the principle of LPoW. This the framework positively proved in several large and known blockchain-projects, one of the most famous representatives — the Waves platform.

Game Machine will be implemented in blockchain at the program level and to limit:

  • the maximum mining speed of the block is approximately equivalent to two video cards of the GTX1080 family
  • for confirmation that the gaming computer will use both program practices, and the basic joint ventures
  • speed change of mining depending on level of credibility to knot (mining time, usage time of Game Machine and other measurable characteristics of the user)

Sale of “Pre-ICO” Tokens

Pre-sale Start date of Pre-sale: November 21, 2017.
Expiration date of Pre-sale: December 5, 2017

Discount for tokens for the period of Pre-sale:

  • 40% (1 GMIT = 0.00024 ETH) during first day
  • 30% (1 GMIT = 0.00028 ETH) during second day
  • 25% (1 GMIT = 0.0003 ETH) during third day
  • 20% (1 GMIT = 0.00032 ETH) remaining days
  • The maximum hardcap Pre-sale in ETH — 2 800 ETH.

Main sale

Start date of ICO: December 14, 2017
Expiration date of ICO: January 31, 2018

— The total amount of the released coins: 140 000 000 GMIT

— Basic exchange rate of GMIT on ICO: 1 GMIT = 0.0004 ETH

— The minimum quantity for purchase: 25 GMIT (0.01 ETH)

— The maximum quantity for purchase: 7, 500 000 GMIT (3 000 ETH)


1 day: +15% of volume of the bought GMIT tokens

2 day: +10% of volume of the bought GMIT tokens

3 day: +5% of volume of the bought GMIT tokens

Referral program: 6 000 000 GMIT (4,6% of total amount)

Bounty: 2 000 000 GMIT (1,5% of total amount)

Hardcap: 40 000 ETH Softcap: 3 000 ETH

Rules of issue and distribution of coins

  • For investors of ICO will it is available to 71,4% of total amount (100 000 000 GMIT) including all bonuses.
  • For initial distribution of in-game of items and balance for payments to gamers 14,3% of total amount (20 000 000 GMIT) will be used.
  • 7,1% (10 000 000 GMIT) of tokens will be distributed between participants of team.
  • For a bounty 1,4% of total amount (2 000 000 GMIT) will be used.
  • For an award to advisors 1,4% of total amount (2 000 000 GMIT) will be used.
  • For the referral program 4,3% of total amount (6 000 000 GMIT) will be used,
  • All raised funds are accepted and stored on purses with the multi signature.

Game Machine Team




ANDREY VOLKOV : Lead Serverside Developer

NICKOLAY MUDRY : Lead Clientside Developer


KONSTANTIN KARPOV : Head of digital marketing




ALICE KOSYKH : Community manager

GEORGE PLUTAKHIN : Frontend Developer

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