The multibot platform is aimed at solving user interaction problems with exchange of cryptocurrency and continuous monitoring of the market, on the maximum number of trading platforms based on and using the advantages of the SaaS Model, this platform is designed to lower the entry threshold into crypto trade exchanges. Unneeded automatic tools installation, with intuitive interface and full day work on the web and will provide protection and capital turnover, eliminate manual labor and take advantage of the volatility of cryptocurrency for profit. Unlike other tools, it collects a set of utmost tools and services. This platform allows you to start using some simple steps, regardless of the availability of hardware and other software.

ICO Structure
 Multibot raises funds for the launch, promotion and development of platforms. For this purpose, the Multibot investment token (MBT), in accordance with the ERC20 standard, has been issued and is a smart contract based on the Ethereal platform. This platform will ensure the storage of funds raised and disposal if necessary.

Token Name

MBT Token — smart contract with Multibot. 
Multibot Token gives you the right to share platform advantages. Part of the platform’s 50% profit is distributed to all active tokens.

Payment Procedure

After the start of the platform, at the end of each quarter, 50% of the distributed profits are transferred to the Ethereal storefront (ETH), after which the ETH is distributed among MBT proof holders according to intelligent contract data. (according to the percentage of tokens of their number).

Initial value of token

When a smart contract is published on the Etherum network, the initial token value is set at 25,000,000 MBT. Unsold tokens, at the end of ICO will be destroyed.

The original price

The cost of one token is set at $ 1 per token.

Distribution Of Tokens

  • 95% will be published to investors
  • 3% for the founders
  • 2% is allocated for promotion


  • +25% From day to 1–2
  • +20% From day to 3–7
  • + 15% for the second week
  • + 10% for the third week
  • + 5% for the fourth week
  • + 0% for the fifth week

Multibot Technology

Cloud technologies: The platform is based on various technologies for the implementation of all the tasks set, but the basis of the project is cloud technologies. The web-cloud allows you to quickly deploy any number of small isolated instances with a dedicated IP address, which is especially important for working with exchanges that limit the number of requests from one IP address. It is equally important to ensure the stable operation of the system as a whole, cloud technologies allow you to isolate web applications, providing full functionality for their operation.

Development: Each newly developed tool or algorithm requires careful testing in various situations. Each stage should be subjected to stress tests in real and simulated situations. The new functionality will be published for a limited control group of users, to evaluate the effectiveness and relevance. It requires a constant analysis of the use of platform functions, and the processing of the system of interaction with users to highlight the main points, so as not to overload the platform with unnecessary and little-used tools. All tools and parts of the platform should be available with a minimum response time and transfer data in a compact form for fast downloading. To eliminate the scarcity of resources, a reserve of capacities with a multiple reserve will be laid, and overselling is categorically excluded.

Security: Multibot closed development and information about the real infrastructure, location of the equipment, real IP addresses, source code and list of solutions used are not published for security reasons. There is no direct access to instances in the cloud, all interaction between platform users and instances takes place only through specialized interfaces that redirect tasks to the cloud through an API of their own design. The geographical location of the cloud center in Europe, as the project develops, it is possible to use the date centers in other regions.


Analytics: Obtaining operational information is an important task for each owner of cryptocurrency. Unlike the market of ordinary currencies, where the determination of the exchange rate is actually in one Forex market, the market of cryptocurrency is not uniform and the rate on different exchanges may differ by more than 10% at one time. This situation is quite common. Multibot analytics is designed to promptly and comprehensively inform the user about the situation on the market. Flexibly customizable interface allows you to focus the system on user-specific exchanges and currencies, as well as to fully monitor the dynamics of the exchange rate for each exchange and in general, tracking the volume of trading, a report on the capitalization of currencies, compile summary statistics of selected currency rates and much more.

Signals: are a tool for informing users who are subscribed to notifications about sudden changes in rates and volumes of crypto-currencies or significant events that affect them. It is planned to use several types of signals, standard ones released automatically based on calculations of the Multibot analytics software module, manually sent by the team of the news aggregation department and assessing their significance, as well as user signals that they can customize for events with their own parameters. Various information channels such as push notifications, email, mobile messengers, phone and SMS will be available.

Automatic sale and buy:A set of automatic actions for the purchase, sale and dispatch of cryptocurrency when the conditions specified by the user occur. Automation of routine manual actions for placing orders for purchase and sale on the stock exchange with specified parameters.
 On some platforms, there is a partial execution of orders when a certain event
 occurs. For example, Stop-limit orders on the Poloniex exchange, but there is no such function on the exchange (formerly BTC-e).
Multibot will develop this idea with the maximum number of conditions for verifying the onset of events and the possibility of their combination.

It Is Planned

  • Buy / Sale when a certain price of the token is reached
  • Buy / Sale when the price changes by more than X during the Y period
  • Buy / Sale when balance is available or balance greater than X
  • Withdrawal when balance is available or balance greater than X

Trading bot: Our platform will be a fully autonomous robot that executes cyclical sales transactions on exchanges with a given algorithm in order to turn funds around and make a profit. All algorithms boil down to two principles: buy cheaper and sell more expensive, or sell more expensive and buy less. The tasks are successfully solved by timetested strategies. To maximize profit, it is possible to use machine learning to select the best selling point. The most effective method is the symbiosis of these methods, when the time of launching the next cycle and the strategy used selects a neural network based on the accumulated experience.


  • Evgeny Sudakov — Development: Over 10 years of experience in control and development automation
  • Alexander Svininykh— Development: Over 10 years of experience in development of solutions for B2P and P2P
  • Roman Bolotov — Exchange trading: Over 5 years of experience in successful exchange trading

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