Kerri — got excited about your post as soon as I saw the link.
Jess Halverson Bowyer

I think that any “problem” is very often an “oportunity”. We don’t need to support the continuation of Mozilla Backpack if every OBI-based platform has a private user-dashboard where users can store, manage and share their personal badges (let’s call it “local-Backpack”). We don’t need no single-and-central Backpack because it would be a single-point-of-failure for the entire echosystem. The only unique and “central” object of the echosystem should be the OBI specification itself (ideas, models, API specs, examples, code template, nothing more) no run-time implementations assigned to a single organization and used by all the others. The echosystem will survive if (and only if) the OBI implementers (and the OBI platforms) will be many and different from many and different vendors in many and different countries each one with a full-stack and auto-consistent implementation of the OBI specs for issue, store and display badges. So let’s work togheter to “keep the light on” on OBI specs and multiply the number of different implementers. This is the only way we have to sustain the open digital credential wave that is changing the mindest on education world-wide. Thanks to Mozilla for the inception: you have started “the dream”. Now we are in a new and very different phase of development that MUST be poly-centric (no-centric) in order to be scalable and sustainable. Like “The Internet” is.