The Racial Divide

Many of our Black brothers and sisters fought for the right to integrate. They believed that with integration we would have a better chance at equal rights and opportunities. If we were embedded within the white community just as much as whites were then they could not take away from us without taking away from them. They fought hard for something that we seem to no longer want anymore. All of the blood, sweat, and tears that was shed over the years seems to be in vain because in the 21st century we self segregate.

Attending both a predominantly white high school and a predominantly Black high school has given me a different perspective than most of my fellow millennials. Now attending a predominantly white university I have noticed an abundance of differences among the different racial communities on campus. From the time that I arrived at IU in the summer of 2016 for the Group Scholars Program I have been preached to all about the diversity of IU as if it was an accomplishment rather than it happened by chance. Coming through in the summer I rarely saw any diversity at all seeing as the program was for underrepresented minorities. On a daily basis I was surrounded mostly by minorities. Coming through in the fall I did not seem to see much of a difference.

Coming to IU in the fall I believed that I would get to see the diversity that I had heard about since coming to IU in the summer. Immediately during Welcome Week I started to notice the racial divide. There seem to be different events for Black IU, white IU, LatinX IU, and so on. Things have not changed over time. For the most part people of opposite races do not even communicate with each other. There is a barrier that keeps the races on campus separated from one another. This barrier has been around for such a long while no one is really sure how to get through it. It is hard when Blacks feel as if whites do not want to talk to them and whites feel as if Blacks do not want to talk to them.

Reaching out and just saying hey to someone who does not look like you seems to be such a struggle to the students at IU. I myself am comfortable speaking to others of different races having attended both a predominantly white school and a predominantly Black school. What I have witnessed in the Black community is that many of them hold a hate for their white cohorts. This hate only fuels the barrier between our divided communities. Whites tend to be scared of their Black cohorts which also fuels the barrier between us. We seem to be stuck in a never ending cycle of a racial divide. We have given up on the very thing our ancestors white and Black alike have fought for without so much as a hit at the barrier.