Christmas Eve

Yesterday, with no real plans for Christmas Eve, I went to work. After settling in for a little bit, I received a call from a friend who wante me to ship something to her while she is traveling. Only catch is, I have to get inside her apartment. After some phone calls between her and her building manager, I get inside. I find her passports in her closet and FedEx them. I then go to StarBucks and cannot resist skimming the SF Chronicle front to back. I then get back to work and actually manage to focus and do some real work on my Android app. A couple hours in, I am soon disturbed by a friend who is also in the area and wants to hang out. He brings up a couple of girls with him from South Bay. We first go to a honest, real club party that is actually a good party on Folsom St. There’s quite a crowd inside and the DJ is spinning good EDM. We drink and dance a little. One of the girls then expresses a desire to go Karaoke. She is Korean, her Indian roommate is a bit quieter, and later says thats how Asians bond ☺ We find a Japanese restaurant/karaoke place that’s open in the Tenderloin and go. Seated inside, the Korean girl mentions several times how Korean karaoke is better: firstly, because the background music is louder, and secondly, of course she is biased. We sing away many songs — I like Lil Wayne “A Millie” — tough but I feel like I know a good percentage of it. Deetz is without a doubt the best singer in the room. The Indian girl hardly sings and is somewhat sleepy. I also sing “Pumped up kicks” by Foster the People, and “We’re young” by FUN. Then I get home and pass out to “A christmas story” eating multigrain tortilla chips ☺

Today it’s Christmas and I am looking forward to going home to South Bay and spending the day with family.

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