Regulation and monetary policy

Institutional adoption underscores urgency of clear crypto rules, says Hester Peirce

Regulatory clarity in the crypto industry is needed now more than ever, per one official.

Russian Duma prepares bill on cryptocurrency taxation

Regulation and monetary policy

ECB leader floats 3K threshold for digital euro holdings
The central bank said it will reach a decision on releasing a digital euro “towards the middle of 2021.”

Estonia’s crypto honeymoon at an end as stricter regulations loom

After revoking licenses for many crypto firms, Estonia’s parliament is…

Regulation and monetary policy

New York authorizes first Yen stablecoin operator in the US

Japanese firm GMO will now be able to offer Yen- and dollar-pegged stablecoins to the public in New York.

Ukraine taps Stellar to develop digital asset infrastructure, including CBDC framework

Regulation and monetary policy

Italian Banca Generali to debut crypto services next year

Banca Generali will introduce crypto to its customers in 2021 following a partnership with an Italian custody service provider.

France Approves New Cryptocurrency Measures to Fight Anonymous Transactions

The French council of ministers has approved a series of new…

Regulation and monetary policy

Consideration phase for digital euro to go well into 2021, says ECB exec

The decision on how to launch a digital euro could still be a long time coming.

Congresspeople speak out against Tlaib’s anti-stablecoin bill

But the bill is unlikely to become law any time soon…

Regulation and monetary policy

Canada could launch CBDC sooner than expected, central bank exec says

COVID-19 could force the Bank of Canada to launch a CBDC sooner than previously expected.

CySEC issues first cryptocurrency regulations

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) last week issued its first regulations regarding cryptocurrency…

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