Westrend: Blockchain Real Estate Investment Platform

The blockchain is already revolutionizing the digital currency landscape. A few years ago, a decentralized currency was unthinkable — how volatile would it be when not backed by a government? However, with the success of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that are supported by the blockchain, people are realizing that it could have far more uses than expected — and the next landscape blockchain has the ability to disrupt is real estate.

Buyers, sellers, and renters of real estate are experimenting with blockchain technology to trim burdensome middlemen from the industry. Precious few real estate transactions proceed directly from provider to client. There are typically notaries, agents, lawyers, banks, trusts, and more in the mix. Even relatively simple issues, like renting parking spaces or charging for utility use, involve intermediaries. With everybody targeting improvement within the different areas, the real-estate world has sought the technology to enable the removable of intermediaries, and most of all tackle the typical challenges of the real estate supply chain issues.

Blockchain technology eliminates the need for a trusted (and expensive) party to facilitate digital transactions, allowing those involved in the transaction to use a distributed, peer-to-peer network — that is, the blockchain — instead. The implications of blockchain for the real estate industry are enormous. Blockchain can make MLS property data more centralized and accessible, title records easier to track and transfer, and it can make transactions more efficient and secure.

Fortunately, an crowdfunding investment platform, Westrend, plans to globalize and digitize real-estate services by using Ethereum Blockchain technology to establish a real value of the properties.

Westrend is a crowdfunding investment platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain Technology. A global platform that is reliable, secured and transparent. A platform that allow participation and access to all investors worldwide through the cryptocurrency WESTRENDCOIN (WES). Westrend Real Estate projects will begin in the Southern California market, India, Vietnam, and then the rest of world with up-to-date real estate projects with full transparency.

The solution will employ Ethereum smart contracts to enable project owners/managers and investors to fund real estate projects and distribute profits. Westrend platform is supposed to directly connect investors and investment opportunities, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Westrend Platform aims to allow all participant to invest in real estate efficiently. The global platform is distinguished not only by its simplicity, but also by some other advantages, which must be emphasized:

Global Platform

Participant will have the opportunity to use cryptocurrency for investment in construction, regardless of the selected country. No restrictions — find promising projects and start earning on your own investments;

No Bureaucracy or Extra Time

All customers of the Westrend decentralized platform will be able to quickly deposit their funds without having to fill in various documents or look for additional security guarantees;

Maximum Reliability

The project developers Westrend believe that they can guarantee the safety of each user. All projects that will be presented on the platform are thoroughly checked to ensure the quality use of the funds received. That is why, investors do not need additional protection, they get access to already proven projects;

Problem Free

Smart contracts allow you to avoid problems with volatility. Your investment will definitely be profitable — otherwise, there is the possibility of returning your funds.

In addition, The team has issued an ERC-20 WestrendCoin (WES) that’s employed for all transactions on the platform. It is a utility token that can be utilized as a unit of account or a medium of exchange in the real estate landscape. Participants can use WES token in following manner:

- Buy, sell, and rent real estate properties

- Invest in profitable real estate investment projects

- List the projects in the Westrend Platform.

- Membership level benefits.

In conclusion, Westrend have strong potential to bring dramatic change to long-established financial markets and processes such as real estate investing. Bringing the worlds of blockchain and real estate together, Westrend opens new opportunities for all types of investors, streamline cumbersome fees and processes and enable more investors to take better advantage of real estate investment opportunities.



Team development, first website construction, and first business strategy formation.


Pre-sale marketing, first and second phases of pre-sale begins, marketing team expansion, formal launching of marketing, advertising and branding campaigns, launching live events and online events globally.


Last phase of the pre-sale offering, expanding live events and online events globally as well as token launch, development of Token Sale Dashboard, and creation of WES Token Newsletter for investors.


Launch of Token Sale Dashboard, continued development of the Westrend platform, and increased marketing.


The Alpha version launch of the Westrend Platform. Aggressive marketing and branding of all Westrend related products and services in USA, Vietnam, Philippines, Dubai, India, and other countries.


Launch of mobile Westrend platform app where investors can invest in different real estate projects easier using mobile devices.

Fund Allocation

Detail Information

Website: https://westrend.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/westrendcoin

Facebook: https://facebook.com/westrendofficial

Telegram: https://t.me/westoken

Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5037231.msg46135781#msg46135781


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