I’ll never bring my phone on an international flight again. Neither should you.
Quincy Larson

This is why blockchain technology is so important. Cloud solutions are susceptible to backdoor enforcement by the NSA. Decentralize now.

Resources of interest: 
- Social Discussion: Steemit.com (not private, censorship-proof)
- Data Storage: Storj.io, Maidsafe
- Privacy Based Electronic Currencies: Monero, Dash, Komodo 
- Decentralized Asset Exchanges: Bitshares, MakerDAO, OmniLayer, NXT, CounterParty
- Smart Contract Platform: Ethereum, Rootstock
- Decentralized DNS: Maidsafe, Namecoin
- Decentralized App Platform: Lisk, Shift, NEM/XEM

+Many more.