Individual Idea Generation

How might we use novel solutions to make closet rack organization more accessible and efficient?

To begin my ideation process, I decided it would be helpful to construct a mindmap to just get ideas down on paper.

initial mindmap

After this, I did a little more abstract idea generation and just wrote down anything that came to my mind.

additional abstract ideation

Then I commenced in a more focused production of ideas. I simply wrote one idea after the other in the same fashion that we brainstorm in groups.

First session of Ideas

Then, a day later I went on to my second session of idea generation. For the first page I did it in the same way that I had previously done, where I wrote down ideas having to do with my “How Might We,” statement.

second day, first page

After this page of ideas, I felt myself sort of running out of steam, so I decided to narrow down the constraints in hopes of sparking more ideas. I decided to narrow it to the them of, “winter,” for the second page. So I focused on the hanging rack organization of winter items. I chose this because in my user research I discovered more people used their hanging racks in the cold months.

Winter Ideas

Near the end of my ideation on this page, I did switch back to the broad topic away from just winter items. I guess that means the brainstorming tool I used was pretty effective in getting rid of my creative block.

New Warm Up Game

I wanted the warm up game that I developed to ease the participants of my session into the ideation process. None of them had done anything like this before, so I figured a good and non-intimidating way to start would be to have the first warm up be a individual activity. I also wanted them to get into the headspace of the closet rack area, so the first part of the warm up, everyone writes down all the words that they associate with the closet rack space. Then after doing that for three minutes, I had people pair up and cross out the words that they both wrote down, and then I had the whole group link up, and cross out the words that are shared between the two pairs. We then just looked at the words that were shared between everyone and the words that weren’t. I think it really was helpful to get the hanging rack juices flowing.

The gang doing the first part of my warmup

After this we played a few games from the class, including zipzapzop and wordball.

Session Organization

The Gang’s All Here

I tried initially to get five others to be in the brainstorming session, but on the day of one of them couldn’t show, so it ended up being us five. Some of the reoccurring characters of my blogs yet again rear their beautiful faces, namely Karl and Adam. Karl is a CLA major with an artistic incliantion. Adam is in CSE. Kieren is an Econ major who is a rower. Lee is an apparel design major who lives across the hall from me. I am Abram. With this motley crew assembled, we commenced in our first warm up game, the one which I designed, and then did some other games taken from class. Due to people’s schedules, we were restricted to a time slot of only 20 minutes. I definintly wish that we would’ve had more time, because near the end of the session I felt like we were getting into more of a groove.

working hard or hardly workin’?

At the end of the session, we ended up with 73 ideas. This made the ipm about .73. Again, I think if we would’ve gone for perhaps fifteen more minutes that number would be approaching 1. I digress.

Near the end of the session

Sorting and Voting

Due to the time constraints of the brainstorming session, the sorting and voting was moved to the next day. We did it in my room. After the sorting had been done, we were left with 10 groupings of ideas.

our groups, are some very very very fine groups

The names that we ended up assigning to these groupings were as follows:

Modifications of Existing Hangers, Hanging Boxes and Compartments, Rotational Solutions, Folder Hangers, Sunglasses, Hangers with Clamps, Magnetic solutions, Matrix/Grid hangers, Silly Ideas, and Modifications of the Bar.


As I was feeling thrifty this week, we just used two different color markers instead of stickers to denote idea selection. Here where the ideas that got votes. First everyone put down three black dots for creatvity, then 3 red dots for practicality.

Top Ideas

Schedule- Thurs: Individual Idea gen. Fri: plan session develop game. Sun: session takes place. Mon: develop and pic top ideas. Tue: update blog

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