How the decentralized Counos platform proposes to spring a new era in crypto-liquidity

The Counos’ community platform aims to overcome the failures of its predecessors improving the standard crypto-related procedures. Its versatile protocol and promising business scheme are expected to be the catalysts for the first assortment of successful anti-inflationary cryptocurrencies.

Vitznau, Switzerland.- During the last months and worldwide, users of the crypto have demanded the leading blockchain protocols, new approaches that assure the stability, security, and liquidity of their investment in digital capital. The establishment of a fully automated currency trading platform like Counos could mean the beginning of a new stroke of progress for the decentralized industry.

This blockchain platform, to be launched in January, 2019., has been provided with exclusive algorithmic characteristics, as an alternative to the increasingly discredited Bitcoin and Ethereum.

According to the team of developers, the mechanic behind the Swiss concept proves that there can be a link between the different fiat currencies and a range of cryptocurrencies (Counts Coin, Counos Silver, Counos Gold, Counos Cash, etc.) but still be independent of centralized control.

The concept of Counos evokes the basic principles of systems like Western Union due to its exchange section according to the geographical area; with the difference that crypto the trade is carried out directly among the members of the Counos community (peer-to-peer).

Also, it will also enable the acquisition of online goods or services backed by investment by equivalence in banks; whose transactions will be executed in record time(from 10 to 2.3 verification time) and managed through a highly effective wallet.

Fighting the downward trend

Experts have expressed their concern for investors willing to bet on alleged large-scale returns and volatile systems. Rory Cellan-Jones, a BBC Technology correspondent, described giants such as Bitcoin or Ethereum as a “high-risk bubble,” after their drop in the market, which immediately affected the rest of the currencies based on their protocols.

In this context, Counos displays a kaleidoscopic fault tolerance, driven by a level of operation completely independent of other cryptosystems, eliminating the volatility factor and replacing with the meeting of digital capital to its reserve deposited in banks.

Platform overview

As was previously mentioned, Counos was built to promote safety and fair mining, with a limited production of 21 million for each liquid asset and over 16,800,000 coins minted (Counos Coin), a similar peculiarity to gold. Since it’s a decentralized platform, its network is not owned by anyone, and users can join and take advantage of the immutable protocol.

Thanks to what the company calls “the timestamp server,” the platform can carry out a Proof of Work (PoW). The e-Timestamp role resembles a newspaper, proving that every transaction took place at a given time; Each timestamp contains a value of the previous located on its hash, which consequently forms an entire chain. This process guarantee users to send and receive payments more securely.

Inside the currencies

According to the data available on its official website, the main four currencies are:

● Counos Coin: With an algorithm that evokes Bitcoin’s, 16,800,000 coins are extracted, and alpha can extract the rest of the final 21,000,000 coins.

● Counos Cash: 21 million coins being extracted, it’s used for all commercial transactions and money transfers, at a constant price of 20 Swiss francs.

● Counos Gold: With an algorithm similar to the one of Counts Coin, all 21 million coins are extracted and equivalent to one gram of gold Coin in Swiss Box, practically carried without the transfer of gold with a digital currency.

● Counos Silver: Unlike the previous one, silver is not deposited already. The main feature is the use of script as its proof-of-work algorithm.

The company also offers 3 different variants, with stability backed by CSC Intll.GmbH, aimed for a broader the global market:

Counos E: Designed for the transfer of capital with minimum charges in different countries. Its clearance is founded on Euro, with a value equivalent to 100 Euros.

Counos U: Founded on US Dollar, has a value equivalent to $ 100.

CAD Counters: This is based on the Canadian Dollar, and has a value equivalent to 100 CADs.

All these currencies will be available for offline storage in personal hardware (cold storage) with access limited to the owner only.

About Counos

Founded in Switzerland in 2018 and backed by the company CSC International Limited, Counos plans to expand its presence gradually in three areas: exchange software, a payment system for commerce and also to run escrow system by crypto.

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