Tips for securing your crypto-currency assets [with infographic]

The first virtual currency, or crypto currency, that appeared to shake up the stock market was Bitcoin, in 2009. It was then followed by Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc., each with different characteristics. These crypto currencies are known for guaranteeing security and balance to our account. Infringing the protection of this new type of currency is mathematically possible, but the cost to perform such a task is remarkably high, which is why it is considered relatively improbable. KryptoGraphe is a free mobile application that will help you to have a detailed view of your gains and losses, the percentage of growth and decrease, as well as quick notifications of the daily, weekly or monthly value of the cost and exchange of your virtual currency.

The objective of KryptoGraphe is to be available to everyone and to provide information on the rise or fall of your investments in real time against your chosen FIAT currency.

The market prices offered by KryptoGraphe are available as it changes, while the transaction data and investments in your portfolio are updated every four hours. Additionally, they recalculate and update the comparative performance data of your currencies every two hours.

Nevertheless, this app will not allow you to execute transactions. KryptoGraphe helps you manage your Altfolios (cryptocurrency portfolio) and enables you to understand and analyze its performance. This platform restricts the purchase, sale, or transfer of orders in any form.

The application is now integrated with 20 exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex etc. and several others to be added soon. The app is also integrated with 6 wallets with more additions on the way.

Many of the doubts generated by the use of these types of applications are linked to the element of security, because we are talking about a market of more than 350 billion dollars.

With KryptoGraphe, the data is hosted on a secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, your Altfolio information is protected. Also, the KryptoGraphe application can only read data and is not designed to write in any wallet or to trigger any transaction. The application and background program uses Amazon Cognito to register with a guarded procedure. Plus, federated identities allow you to enroll safely using Facebook.

Our cell phones are the key to the whole world; they are extensions of us. But when referring to a subject as delicate as our finances, we must be confident with every step, because the possibility of being hacked is also present. That’s why the KryptoGraphe app caches some data on your phone, so that you can have a faster experience and show your Altfolios, even when there’s no connectivity to the Internet. This information is in an isolated space so that no other application can access it. The data will be updated into your account as soon as connectivity is available. Obsolete information is invalidated and deleted automatically, always seeking to provide the best security for your currencies.

If you change your mobile equipment, your data will be transferred to your new device as soon as you download the application to your new mobile and log in.

To complete the service, all those in charge of the application invest in crypto currencies daily. This process guarantees they remain involved with all the evolution of the market and its news.

KryptoGraphe is useful and produces value to all of its users. Its interface is highly appreciated for its design, performance, utility and ease of use. Further, its feedback system turns each comment and suggestion into valuable information, thus improving the app and making it more user-friendly.

Opt for a safe and friendly application that will keep you updated on the movements of your virtual currency.