I come from a family of six with only two male members and four female members.

The first male is my father. Good thing to be learnt from him is to slog and earn a living and raise a family with full support conditions. Other thing to learn is to always be in touch with your own family and not get busy making a livelihood.

The others four female members are my mother and my sisters. They have spent times studying and managing home. Good thing to learn from them is to manage a home very well and create a conducive environment for pursuing studies and rise high in life. Another thing to learn is not to complaint and find faults in others conduct in every other discussion. A very common thing for females when they are confined to four walls of house.

The drawback with me is not being an outgoing personality and therefore I spent a lot of time at home with women. What happened as a result that i picked up this quality of complaining and finding faults. You know about the principle of electromagnetic induction. This was going to take by my horns and throw me on ground, when i moved outside home. World was not so fair as were the ideal comforts of home. For a long time right from my Engineering classes in 2004 till 2017, seven years down in my profession, I found only problems in all facets happening around. It was a mess everywhere. When looked back, i found myself always in tough situations vis-a-vis my other counterparts. I got frustrated and resoluted to find the reason. After close observation and evaluation, i realised that it was my own attitude which has brought forth this harsh reality. I continued with the same old outlook of complaining and looking for what is not right.

The problem was identified and now was the time for solution. I started facing the reality in smaller frames and scrutinised my attitude towards it. Most of the time, my focus was on wrong things happening. I was hitting my head in the wall, pondering over things which couldn’t be changed by me. I got hurt badly. I stopped and took a step back. At a second look towards the wall, i realised there was​ a door next to it. There was a possibility to grow in that tough situation. I opened the door, chose the possibility, worked on it and moved ahead. I became a better version of myself by choosing that hidden possiblity. I think that these possibilities are the intermediate doors shaping your destiny.

Identifying this door is important, opening this door and moving forward is the best thing you can do to yourself and live a fulfilling life. After due practice of this, i foresee a future in which your mind has built no walls and no doors. Whole blank canvas is in front of you and you are painting it with the truth and beauty of your being.

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