How I make New Friends but Keep the Old*

New Friends . . .
and old . . .

We’ve been traveling around the US for almost four months now. We think about our friends at home daily and keep in touch on Facebook.

A bunch of Facebook friends posted birthday wishes for me this past week. One even “sang” the song for me! And I got a bunch of “miss you” messages, too. We’ll be home in about six weeks now, and we’re looking forward to seeing our old friends again, but in the meantime we’re making the most of time with new friends!

In the past week, I’ve joined a friend in her temporary church’s outreach program, became the guest of a couple we met at our own temporary church for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, went to a Valentine’s party at the campground lounge, met friends at the Olive Garden for lunch, joined a neighbor in walking her dog two mornings, attended exercise class three times, and went to Mexico with our nearest neighbors.

I’m an introvert. I tend to think people don’t want me bothering them. It’s an effort to make eye contact. It’s agony to be the first to speak when meeting a stranger. It’s easier for my husband but I don’t want to just follow in his shadow. I want my own friends! So I push myself. I ask questions. I make dates. I attend functions.

I’ve enjoyed scrapbook classes and painting class, potlucks and online banter. It’s been a good winter! Tuesday we’ll head back across the US, getting closer to home as we travel fast, like a herd of turtles.

Hey NY gold friends! We’ll be home soon! And to all the rest of you silver friends- let’s keep in touch!

Proverbs 18:24 (KJV) “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly . . .”

  • (because One is silver, the other is gold)

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