“Two ERs in three days. Done.”

“Dishcloth limp. Dragged through a knothole.”

“This week can’t end too soon.”

There you go, three versions of the six-word memoir, all of which describe my week. My husband has been dealing with dizziness and some unusual pain all week, resulting in his cardiologist sending him to one ER on Monday, and his primary care doctor sending him to another on Thursday. This has resulted in both of us being tired and out of it. At least he got to nap as he lay on his stretcher. I was not so lucky.

I must have been in a fog all day Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday morning I began to realize all the things I’d left undone. I started my morning by gathering up all the things I’d need for the day. Then I grabbed the large bag of undealt with garbage and headed out the door. I shoved the garbage room door open and fumbled the cover of the can up, dropped the trash in, and reassessed the bundles in my hands. No purse. I went back to the apartment, got my purse, and headed out to the garage, where I stood before the rising door, staring at the empty space. No car. Oh, that’s right. I didn’t put it away last night. I found it in the parking lot and realized my husband’s handicap pass and EZ pass (electronic device to expedite travel through toll booths) were still in the car. I should really put them in the jeep.

But I didn’t have the jeep keys. Well, fortunately, the jeep wasn’t locked. Unfortunately, when I opened the jeep I realized the rocking chair I’d brought home on Sunday was still in the jeep. So I unloaded it and carried it to the patio. Unfortunately the patio door was locked. And I had tucked a bag of groceries, my jacket, and a bottle of water into a corner of the patio sometime in the last three days. When I finally got in the car to drive away, I was exhausted. I wonder why?

Like I said, this week can’t end too soon. Especially since every sleeping moment seems to be full of dreams about driving different vehicles, including a semi-truck, through difficult situations— such as through a rocky quarry and to the edge of cliffs. Is it Friday yet?