Stop, It’s Not About Your Degree!
John P. Weiss

Higher learning is just that ….learning. What you learn depends on your mindset. Too many people go into the classes thinking that this is wrote and taught so therefore it the end game on the subject. It is only “up to the last time the curriculum was printed to teach”. Some subject matter build on info slowly but no matter what you are leaning the “cream of the crop” in life have one thing in common. Always the best that comes from life or higher learning never lose their “soul”…..that part which reaches out and connects thru emotions,conversation,using all senses they possess without imprinting their ideas onto others but listening. In short they communicate with all levels of life. That in turn lights the way to being the healing doctor, the lawmakers who see both sides of a persons story, the artist who has that way with light and shadow, the writers who makes us think and question. It all starts from that well which illuminates us at birth and how we tend it thru life that is what defines us as unique……our “soul”.

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