And depression takes the lead!

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Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

Today I wait and wonder,

Why did my energy stall?

I should’ve predicted this blunder,

And anticipated my fall.

I thought I had it covered,

I was pulling in front of the race.

My mental health recovered,

You could see it all over my face.

One night of restless waking,

And all progress comes undone.

Fatigue has stirred an aching,

Into familiar habits I’ll succumb.

Negotiating tasks away,

I bargain with my mind.

“It’s only one day,”

Tomorrow I’ll feel more inclined.

Throwing caution to the wind,

I skip that Wednesday class.

Ignore the feeling I’ve sinned,

And pretend this moment will pass.

I tell myself a tale,

One where I’m tired and deserving,

This isn’t really a fail,

My energy needs conserving.

I snooze my phone reminders,

And send excuses to my peers.

I pretend this choice is kinder,

And submit to all my fears.


Sandy Creighton

I write about small moments in time inspired by lived experiences.

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