Marketing Tip: 10 Key Areas of Focus for Successful Marketing

“Great content that is informative, entertaining and creative [not salesy] is the key!”

Marketing Tip: 10 Key Areas of Focus for Successful Marketing

In today’s tip, I want to give you information that I believe should be a part of any successful marketing strategy: 10 Key Areas of Focus for Successful Marketing. Here we go:

Choose your weapons!
The first five of the 10 key areas of focus for successful marketing are my favorite marketing methods. Yes, there are more, many more, but these five are practical, proven, and available methods that can be used via digital, mobile, and old-school marketing channels. You can mix them up, combine them, promote and tout them all. The key is that each method will allow you to tell your story, educate, entertain, get to know, and develop a relationship with your target audience and clients. They are:

  1. Email
  2. Social Media Engagement
  3. Content Newsletter
  4. One-on-one meetings and Pop-bys
  5. Direct Mail: Post Cards, Letters, Notes

Get Set Up!
The next five key areas of focus are the top five social media outlets (as of this writing) in our market today. These are the networks where people are interacting, this is where you will find prospects who need your products and services. How to use each one and engage your audience remains the daunting task for all, mostly because these networks change everyday and public interest continually fluctuates, and partly because most people don’t know how to use them or what to say once they have figured it out! So the important lesson here that we will be exploring more in the weeks to come is simply learning how to leverage the right one for you. They are:

  1. Facebook — telling your story, engaging and creating the social lead
  2. Twitter — listening to what is being said, join the conversation
  3. Pinterest — glamming it up, share your creative interests
  4. Instagram — establishing a visual connection
  5. LinkedIn — educating with information

Once you have chosen your marketing weapons and have your social media accounts set up, it will be time to create your content and syndicate it to the world. These 10 key areas of focus for successful marketing are only the beginning, the rest is up to you! And remember, they are not autonomous to each other, they will each work to support the other and further drive your message deep into the heart and consciousness of your followers. Great content that is informative, entertaining and creative — not salesy — is the key!

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