Interviewing a World Leader

Good morning, Welcome to the program interview with the celebrities.
Today a very important leader in Argentina is with us and we will be honored to welcome her and interview her.
1. What’s your name?
-My name is Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.
2. Why are you important in Argentina?
- My importance is because I’m a politician, lawyer and businesswoman and I was the first woman in accede to the presidency of the Argentine nation.
3. Where did you study law?
- At the Universidad Nacional de la Plata.
4. When did you start as president of Argentina?
- On December 10, 2007.
5. What do you think about being president?
- I think you can become part of history, and what you do is more important than your title.
6. How do you think you represented Argentina?
- I bring a lot of passion to my life and politics, Identify myself with individualism.
7. Did you enjoy the time you were a president?
- Yes, absolutely it was a great challenge and challenges are always welcome. 
8. What’s your actual project?
- My actual project is working with 15 proposals to get out of the actual crisis of Argentina, the first thing that has my attention is to get the work opportunities back, the money people earn and great work conditions, I want to protect the national industry and companies, make life better for retired people and the participation of our society and to stop corruption and take care of the human rights.

For our part this is everything, we would like to thank you for having been so kind to answer our questions. It was a pleasure to be with you
- The pleasure was all mine, thank you for interviewing me.
This has been all for today’s program.
We hope you liked it, see you in the next program interview with the celebrities.

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