She was on her way to lose herself. What surprised her was that somewhere out there in the wilderness, she found herself. The wonders poured in, she began to dance again, to feel again, like a little child feels, innocent and pure and alive.

She began to sing again. She was filled with a kind of holy bliss, she felt it all. This finite, tangible world touched her, she was taken, like a lover would take her.

Now, her heart open, she is pulled in close to this magical world that envelopes her in it’s sweet love.

Creating. Simply magic. The wonders of music, illumined sounds of love songs. Simple wonders. The holy beauty of a double shot espresso in a red cup. The divine heaven of a warm bed on a cold morning. Beauty, light, love. She loves. She is sweet Life.

Overflowing with joy, with laughter, the world begins to glitter and shine and speak to her in tenderness. The world is wanting her love. She gives, and gives some more.

Safe in his arms. She has nothing to lose.

Now she is living in a wonderland, a garden that blooms, grows, laughs, and charms her with amusing stories. Now she hears the stars sing a celestial song of angels. She is spinning across the Pleiades in silkened charmeuse layered delights of sensual turquoise, pink, yellow and green. Golden hair unleashed as the soft, silvery glittered dance-slippers on her feet lift her higher.

She has become a little girl again, running, skipping, slipping, free, the barefoot child’s toes touched by the kisses of the green, wet grass, dazzled by the heat that sparkles in her eyes on a summer day. Blue sky and song birds delight her.

Tender beauty of Life, she is deeply here, returned to the world. She is merging her senses with the ever changing finite delights. The world has immersed her in the profound wonder of this holy love. It’s all in love with her. The world smiles at her, adores her and the iridescent eternity makes love to her.

Feeling it all. Purring soft moans arise as she lets go in the tears of yes, you, you alone.

In his arms, she is touched by the breath in whispering sounds of his desirous voice. She is taken, surrendered, exploding throbs in the tender loving of his strong embrace.

Life is beauty. She is living and loving undomesticated, alive and full of the entire universe. Fearless in this magic, there are no questions.

She takes him in and releases him from conformity, loosens his boundaries. She holds him within her heart and he comes undone. He is washed, sanctified, made pure, set free, falling deep into a holy relief.

Her love is rich with a wild courage that shines, gambling sweet and easy, in love with her world. Totally, completely creating in love.

As long as the sea kisses the shore —

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