The Future Of Sports Betting In India

sandy joy
sandy joy
Mar 26 · 2 min read

People of India love to gamble, there is no doubt about that. Because people have been practicing gambling activities for hundreds of years. In modern times the government of India has banned gambling in India, but it hasn’t stopped the people who gamble online. This is because it doesn’t state that online gambling is an illegal activity. Due to this reason, many Indians rushed to online casino games or betting sites which are operated by companies overseas.

Although offline gambling and casinos are banned to operate in India, online betting and casinos are permitted. There are a lot of reasons why people rush to gamble online, Indians basically love to gamble as it is fun and one can also get easy money. On the other hand, they get the chance to select their favorite team and extend their support to them.

People in India are crazy about card games because it has been for hundreds of years in the country. The country also has a massive fan following for cricket and kabaddi. There is also a rise in the number of fans for football. They enjoy card games like poker, rummy. But when it comes to sports a majority of people would pour their money to bet on cricket. With the increase in usage in mobile phones in India and the availability of internet at cheaper costs have constituted where the gambling industry is heading right now. It is now clear that gambling on mobile apps is the future of gambling in India.

India is the biggest market for gambling operators in the world. This is due to the fact that India is the second-most populous country in which the number of adults in India is three times that of the adults in the US. It is unclear when offline gambling will be legalized by the government of India but as of now, people can make use of the online platforms.

Indian gambling already constitutes a huge proportion in the gambling market of the world despite offline gambling activities being banned in India. This is due to the key players in Indian who make use of online apps developed by sports betting app development companies. I hope this will be the one that clears off your mind all the doubts that you were having on the future of sports betting in India.

Sandy is a Growth hacker, Marketer, Startup Business Advisor.

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