As i sit and listen to the strange quietness, of the rain no longer pours.

Gives me an eerie feeling of grief, of loss on the land i was born.

I heard and watched the fear in us all. The cries, the tears, the worried calls. As we rush and rush to be by each others side.

Louisiana Pride

If you come to see how we live, how we survived, we welcome all with our hearts opened wide. We have the rich, the poor, the meek, ready to give you a warm friendly greet.

We stand by our family’s,friends, and neighbors. Always here for each other.

We are here for you to, if you need a hand from a brother.

Louisiana Pride

We have everyday heros, we salute in every way. Come join us for a meal, a chat, a song. One never knows, you also might want to stay.

Our love runs deep for this boot shaped land. It is here we call home, for every woman, child, and man.

Louisiana Pride

We will work hard and clean together until the end. Making our part of the world, so beautiful again.

We have been here, down, beat, and hurt before. Just remember our strengths, after many a hurricanes roar. Like the LSU tigers and the SAINTS marching in. Our lives we hold dear will ring loud again.

Louisiana Pride

We all held together through out this mighty flood. For when the call his heard, to step up and be strong. All rushed to the rescue, for we honor our blood.

Most have survived, as we hurt and we cry. Heartbreaking so some have bravely died.

Open your eyes, open them wide, all you will see is.

Louisiana pride

This is what gives me inspiration to write how i feel inside. Because i to live each day with.

Louisiana Pride

now our eyes can dry

Sandra LeBlanc (