Give me the Arts!

While I do think that our current society, the information society is pretty rad, I want to explore another one for the purpose of this blog post. If I could choose a previous society to live in, I would choose an agricultural society. It is one step above a horticultural society and one step below the feudal society age (which honestly sounds pretty scary!). Things were changing so much and fast during the agricultural society it seems like a good time to get in on the action going on.

I lived on a cattle ranch for 5 years so this idea really appeals to me. I am also a photographer and appreciate the arts in a very concrete way. This age was one in which, “people had the time and comfort to engage in more contemplative thought activities, such as music, poetry, and philosophy” (Openstax, 2015 p.78). It was a time in which resources were abundant and workers could complete tasks faster and more efficiently. It would be a time of awakening and forward change. Sounds alright to me!

Marx’s discussion of alienation is very interesting. I choose “Alienation from one’s self” to relate to. I was an office manager at a local construction company here in the Springs. I was the middle man between the customers and our project managers and my boss. I felt very disconnected from the whole process. I would talk to the people who would call in and the project managers would complete their project, most often without me seeing the completed project. I felt like I was just going through the motions. From our book, “…there is nothing that ties a worker to her labor, there is no longer a sense of self” (Openstax, 2015 p.82) in regards to alienation from ones’ self. So, I made a change of pace. I quit that job to pursue a full time career of professional photography and now I do not feel so disconnected from what I am doing. I am controlling it all and I touch my product from start to finish and see it played out in clients lives. It is really great!

I have held and currently hold several statuses in my life both ascribed and achieved statuses. Some of the ascribed statuses that I hold are, I am female, I am a daughter, granddaughter, aunt, cousin, American and white just to name a few. Some of the achieved statuses that I hold are, I am a mother, photographer, climber, and student. I hold many statuses and I am sure they will change as my life progresses.

Openstax College (2015). Introduction to Sociology 2nd Edition. Houston, Texas: Openstax