Think One Thing and Do Another

I think that Donald Trumps Charismatic Authority rests on the fact that he has promised to “Make America Great Again”. This is not exactly an “offer [of] a vision of a new world order” (Openstax 2015, p.387) but it might be equated to that in some citizens eyes. Right now in America and in the world, there is quite a bit of unrest and disapproval for certain actions taking place. Charismatic leaders such as Donald Trump usually gain power during times of uncertainty and when solutions on searched for for perceived issues. Some Americans feel that immigration and immigrants are an issue here in the United States. Trump brings those issues with him and tells everyone that he will fix that issue. Therefore, he offers to fix their “crisis” and they in turn worship him.

Donald Trump’s Rational-Legal Authority will rest on the fact that he will be elected to the office of President of the United States of America. He is bound by the laws of our constitution and fills the role of “leader”. The power that Trump will have as president is “power vested in a particular rationale, system, or ideology and not necessarily in the person who implements the specifics of that doctrine” (Openstax 2015, p.387).

I do not necessarily think that Donald Trumps beliefs will change as a result of his transition from Charismatic Authority to Rational-Legal Authority but I 100% believe that what he supports legally and publicly will change according to what is most convenient and most supported by his congress and by the citizens of the United States. I do not think his personal views will change much however, the power that he actually has (and the lack of power in some instances) will greatly play into what he can and cannot do. This might change his goals and objectives to make them into something he can obtain instead of lofty goals that are not feasible due to our checks and balances or public disapproval.

Openstax College, (2015). Introduction to Sociology: Second Edition. Houston, Texas:Open Stacks College.