On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

OK…here’s the deal: someone whose work I greatly respect has posted a lengthy article by a woman who poses as a ‘disillusioned’ Bernie fan, ‘just tryin’ to tell the truth here,’ who attempts to take apart Bernie’s record to reveal that ‘he’s just as bad as he claims HRC is.’ 
As I say, I deeply respect this FB friend’s real work (on behalf of veterans). This may cause her to ‘unfriend me.’ I hope not, but we’ll see… I DON’T BLOW SMOKE about this shit. Here in the U.S., opinions are like a-holes: everybody’s got one. 
But opinions and beliefs that are based on lies and half-truths are worse than useless — they’re dangerous as hell. How many citizens backed the invasion of Iraq because their ‘opinion’ was built on all of the lies of the Bush Cabal? Well, apparently HRC was one of them. What does that say about HER judgment? Millions of us knew better — why didn’t SHE? Hmmm…could it be that she stuck her finger in the wind, saw that it was blowing to the Right, and signed on as a savvy career move?
And BTW — If you want me to verify the things I’ve said and to provide citations, hey; I’m home sick today, so I’m up for it…here’s my response; yes, it is lengthy, but you may be rewarded by learning things you’ve never known before…

“I hope you know that I have nothing but the highest respect for your work. I’ve urged copies of your book on at least a couple of dozen folks over the years. 
“But I took it upon myself to read the entire article you posted…and I find it is riddled with exactly the same kinds of insinuations-posing-as-confirmed-evidence as the writer accuses Bernie of…now, I’ve been on record for several decades as believing that we need AT LEAST 50% of our public and private positions of power to be occupied by women…with the caveat, “No Maggie Thatcher wannabes need apply.” We don’t need women in power who think they have to be even tougher than men. We need women in power who are more compassionate than men. They can prove their compassion by choosing to be DIFFERENT from men, and not just bombing the fuck out of countries that displease them. Women who care about humanity everywhere, not just here in the U.S.
“In other words, I hold female politicians and leaders of all kinds to the same standards. I’ve been fighting against asshole male politicians who lie, dissemble, and deceive us into utterly pointless military adventures, and who do whatever it takes to hold on to power and privilege, for 50+ years. I’m not about to stop now. And I can recognize sheep in wolf’s clothing when I see one (apologies to wolves everywhere, who don’t deserve that slur).
“When Bill Clinton took office I was naively hopeful that he’d be the leader he said he was. WRONG. A thorough examination of the Clinton Years reveals what opportunists BOTH Clintons are. 
“Jesus! Hillary love and respects HENRY effin’ KISSINGER, and looks to him as a confidante and role model, for god’s sake…I’m sure you must be aware that he and Nixon committed TREASON by secretly communicating with the S. VN govt. to NOT negotiate for peace in that godawful fucked-up mess of a war…while LBJ was still POTUS! And that, along with the secret bombing of Cambodia and Laos, and his support for tyrants who were friendly to U.S. interests, is just the tip of the Kissingerian Iceburg.
Of course, Johnson was also up to his armpits in deception about the war, and on record as “I’m not gonna be the first POTUS to lose a war,” — even as later phone recordings reveal that he didn’t even BELIEVE it was winnable. LOOK. at Hillary’s record of the use of force. She’s learned it at Kissinger’s knee…When it’s resulted in so much death and destruction for no good cause, in Iraq, in Libya, in Honduras, etc., how can anyone square that with he being ‘family friendly’ — how many families in the countries I’ve mentioned deserved to be destroyed by so many power-happy, ignorant White Male politicians — and their female ENABLER, HRC? For — NOTHING. Worse than nothing; we’re still bogged down in wars that had zero validity 15 YEARS LATER… we’d have done less damage in the world if we’d simply built a giant bonfire and burned all of the millions and trillions we’ve squandered on the power fantasies of mostly-but-not-always MALE politicians since the advent of the Cold War.
“Bernie’s been the only consistent voice in Congress for more than 30 years, steadfastly working for the 99%. He has a higher rating than HRC from veteran’s groups. 
“OK, having said all of that…if it comes down to a choice between HRC and some Repug, I. Will. Hold. MY. Nose. and vote for her. But with a hell of a lot more despair than hope. And part of that will be because I’m furious at the machinations of HRC, the DNC, and Debbie Wasserman to use the same goddamned voter obstructions that the Repugs have always specialized in. BTW, I have no illusions about Bernie being able to ‘fix it all’ by himself. If we don’t get our asses in the streets to back his far more progressive agenda, we’re fucked anyway. IMHO. 
“All the indicators point that Hillary will be more of the Same Old Same Old, with a little window-dressing to fool the folks who, since they haven’t been staying well-informed about politics in the U.S., are easy targets for con-artist politicians…like Hillary.” 
Well, I actually added to this as I reviewed it. Better stop now, or I might NEVER…