Blaming her for every misstep her husband made and for standing by him when he had affairs doesn’t…
Vinita Jo Anthony

Vinita…I, personally, have been on record for decades now as an advocate for having ALL public and private positions of power in our culture occupied by AT LEAST 50% women (check my FB page). Progressive women, just as I only support progressive male politicians. “No Maggie Thatcher wannabes need apply.”

Your statement that ”I will not spend my time arguing with your hateful spin” is a cop-out. The same one I hear from women I know who share your favorable view of HRC, when they take issue with things I post that are critical of her. I don’t blow smoke — I never post anything that I can’t back up with reputable, verifiable sources. I don’t hesitate when to provide citations. When I ask them to dialogue with me about why they think she’s so great, thus far I’ve been told how hateful and angry I am, etc. In essence, they mount and ad hominem attack on me…for my ostensibly making an ad hominem attack on HRC! If you want to change people’s minds about things, getting pissed off and haughtily announcing “I won’t waste my time arguing with you” is usually shorthand for: “I don’t have much besides an opinion to offer.”

Maybe that’s not true for you…but if so, it’s kind of on you to demonstrate it. I totally agree that our culture is incredibly sexist (and racist too), and that virtually all white people have racial fears embedded in their psyche, and all males (which I am) have learned sexism from our fucked-up culture. Long ago I was a fan of both of the Clintons, believing they were a breath of fresh air after Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr., etc. Lo these many years later I see that they’re two of the biggest opportunists I’ve ever seen, willing to do and say damn near anything to get power and stay in power. I can back that up with reams of specifics and documentation (re: Libya, Honduras, etc.) from reliable progressive media that I’ve been vetting for accuracy — for a number of decades now.

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