A Letter to My Daughter About Young Men
Benjamin Sledge

Thank you so much for bringing awareness to an age old issue. I’d like to see a Mom write something about having false expectations from men. I had two sons, and among the various things I taught them was not to expect the girl to take care of birth control. I knew that this was a serious issue that could change their lives, and I knew that it could happen in a careless moment, as so many pregnancies are.

Fortunately, they escaped that fate. Both got married in their 30’s, and each have a young teen daughter. They’re wonderful fathers, and honorable men. I’m proud to think I may have had a little to do with that. Their dad and I had a relationship based on respect, even though as the years went on our values changed.

I always felt fortunate to have married my best friend.

I’ve shared your letter with them, and hope they share with their daughters.

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