Dear other self

They say that there is another you from another universe. In other words i would like to assume that you already know or heard about the parallel universe. i know that it’s just a theory waiting to be confirm but thinking about it makes me wonder what would i be like from there..

So i would like to write this for you other self

first of all i would like to know how are you feeling? are doing good? i hope that you feel loved and happy. Oh i know it’s not always gonna be like this but i really hope so. every one would i guess?

i hope that you are satisfied with what you have just like me, but i hope you got better, like a better family, a better future, a better parents, a better life unlike me. It doesn’t have to be like you have a mansion, rich or whatever. but the feeling of contented. i hope someone listens and understand you. i hope that you’re as strong as me, humble, patient, understanding and a fighter. i hope that you follow your own voice, your own dreams and goals in life. and please i hope you would follow your heart to be a doctor, or an artist or something that your heart really wants.

lastly, never be afraid of love and trust. be someone who is not afraid to fall in love , forgive and trust / but only trust when its worth your trust, okay? haha / because falling in love is everything okay? don’t be a pussy like me.

for us, let’s find happiness and Goodluck to us. i hope you could read this and always remember, you are worth it. you deserve to be happy. it will take time but we will.


Your other self, 2017

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