Oh hey, Sandy, I understand you’re very upset as we all are, its savage and makes any sane human…
Motaz Al-Thaher

I hear about that stuff every day. It is a big world full of sick fucks. It happens that the little bubble I live in includes our neighbors and does not include that big world out there. So the only responsibility I can take is for keeping an eye on our own sickies. That is why I, we, get all upset by what seems trivial to you.

As for headlines, that isn’t how we get our news. The slaughter is reflected in numerous places on the internet, and we have an excellent radio station in New York, WNYC, that plays a lot of different things, especially BBC overnight. I get a continuous feed on Facebook of political news from all over. The Yazidis made the front pages of the New York Times, and we sent in troops. We know about the Russians bombing everybody except Daesh, Assad bombing and poisoning civilians, Turkey bombing Kurds, and Daesh killing Christians, Shia, and whomever else they don’t like. We also know about dictators; we used to keep them as pets. Getting rid of Saddam didn’t really help Iraq — his guys became Daesh. As for Libya, we followed that one in detail and it just kept getting worse.

We don’t know the answers, and we are about out of patience.

But possibly, if more people kept an eye on the lunatics within their own bubbles, there might be less of this sort of thing.

Hitler could not have done it alone. Every neighborhood had a few gangstas and lunatics, whose weak minds allowed them to follow this inspiration. Terrorism is the product of weak minds who are led by power-loving gangsters to do things they should be ashamed of. There is nothing to be gained by terrorism, nor do terrorists have any goal except to do damage. It is very easy to do damage, to kill, to mess up a complex society. it is not so easy to build things. There are terrorists all over the world. Not all are Muslim (we have Christian terrorists). But without exception they have weak minds that are given strength and validation by destructive and nihilistic beliefs. Religion just makes it easier to dupe them into terrorist activities, including murder by suicide.

It really does take a village to raise a child, to become a responsible adult. Like yourself. And then what is to be done with those who are not raised that way?

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