What is Twitter For?
Dave Pell

Thanks! A lot of us have been wondering what Twitter is for. As usual on this site, I had to look something up: “come out the side of your neck”. Urban dictionary had this synonymous phrase: “Letting your mouth write checks that your ass can’t cash.” They also give “bullshit”, and prison slang is mentioned. English is my first and fourth language, but I still have to look things up, especially from pop culture.

The real reason for Twitter is to give equal opportunity to twits of all classes and nations to mouth off about whatever crosses their empty minds. That is really a great business model. I STILL don’t live in your culture.

It is amazing that the mentioned tweets actually exist. I thought this article might be pure satire, but the day of satire has gone. Impossible to make anything up that is more ridiculous than reality. Take the current presidential candidates, PLEASE.

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