We access the web on all sorts of devices from our laptop to our phone to our tablets. And we need our passwords everywhere to log into an account. This is why we made Firefox Lockbox, a way to securely track your Firefox passwords and access them anywhere.

When we first released the iOS app, it was specifically for iPhone. This means the experience wasn’t optimized for iPad. That all changes today.

You asked for it. We heard you. With the latest update, Firefox Lockbox gives you access to your passwords on iPad.

With the improvements we’ve added for iPad…

Today Firefox Lockbox 1.3 gives you the ability to automatically fill your username and password into apps and websites. This is available to anyone running the latest iOS 12 operating system.

How do I set it up?

If you just downloaded Firefox Lockbox, you’ll start with a screen which includes “Set Up Autofill”, which takes you directly to your device settings.

Mozilla’s Project “Lockbox” recently launched it’s first product offering as a Test Pilot experiment. It’s an iOS mobile app that allows our users to take their passwords everywhere.

But how did we get here?

It’s been a process of discovery. The first exploration started as a Firefox browser extension; it was our prototype from which to learn. Building the extension enabled us to:

  • learn about the problems that exist today with login management
  • define and understand the users and personas we are most interested in (or equipped to support) and build solutions for
  • discover the ways we might provide new…

Firefox users, you can now easily access the passwords you save in the browser in a lightweight iOS app!

Download Firefox Lockbox from the App Store. Sign in with your Firefox Account, and your saved usernames and passwords will securely sync to your device using 256-bit encryption, giving you convenient access to your apps and websites, wherever you are. Find out more about the experiment on Firefox Test Pilot.

We have so many online accounts, and it’s hard to keep track of them all. The browser can save them, but they’re not always easy to find or access later, especially when trying to get into the same account on mobile. The Firefox Lockbox iOS app is our first experiment to help you find and use your passwords everywhere.

Take back control of your digital life with Firefox Lockbox.

There is some amount of consensus around the premise that meetings can be the antithesis to productivity. Jason Fried even goes so far as to say it’s one of the biggest drags on productivity.

But let’s be honest. Meetings are going to happen. And if done well, meetings can be incredibly valuable. So what are good meeting practices? My framework is:

  1. Avoid meeting entirely
  2. Set the expectations via agenda
  3. Only include who you must
  4. Schedule for brevity

Avoid the Meeting

If you can solve the problem, make the decision, get the action item done, and move things along with a few Slack messages…

I mentioned last week there are a few different conflict resolution tactics project managers employ. These are tools that every PM needs to know how to use and leverage. Because, let’s face it, we project managers are defacto project therapists. We have to move projects forward with skill and finesse, mitigating conflicts and removing blockers.

So what are these tactics?

Problem Solving

While no one approach is better than any other, this method of solving the problem so that everyone wins is my personal go-to. This is the method when everyone can collaborate and come up with a solution(s) that addresses everyone’s…

Conflict is my ally. No, I’m not looking to pick a fight. And in fact, I hate a difficult conversation as much as anyone. But without conflict, there is too much left unsaid. This can be as much true in personal relationships as it is in project management.

This is why Project Managers have to be comfortable with conflict, and familiar with resolution tactics.

According to PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge 5th edition, Chapter 9.4), PMs can use any of these conflict resolution techniques:

  • Problem Solving: Going for a scenario where everyone wins (win-win)
  • Compromise: Making concessions. No one…

In sales, there is an adage that the person doing the talking in a negotiation is not the person driving the conversation. The desperation, sheer neediness, is apparent and it does little to secure trust. And for good reason. Do you trust the sales person who is talking over you, pressuring you, and seeming to ignore what you want?

Trust is established through listening.

For instance, a couple of years ago, we (Aron, Arya, and I) needed a new car. The two-door Ford Focus just wasn’t fitting the new baby carrier. We did a ton of research. When we thought…

I love Julia Roberts. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this adoration of Julia Roberts with a nickname like “America’s Sweetheart.” I think her appeal to so many is the approachable, even vulnerable, quality she brings to every character she plays. It makes you feel like you know this person, you grew up with her…and you’re willing to forgive her for just about anything.

Humble + Real = Approachable

This Julia Roberts’ characteristic is something I strive to bring to my role as a project manager — approachable, human, real. I find, if there is a rapport (dare I even say camaraderie?) between the…

I often find it’s common to merge the role of “tech lead” and “technical project manager”. Sure, there are many similarities between the roles. In fact, the leadership attributes David Byttow outlines in his “Effective Technical Leadership” article are relevant for both:

  • bring the technical knowledge and understanding to the table — know how things generally work and what you’re talking about
  • be quick to respond and confident in making fast (but solid) decisions
  • know the status of all the moving parts at all times and be aware of surrounding factors

Thank you Devin for sharing this with me.


Sandy Sage

Product manager for Firefox: helping people protect their digital identity everywhere.

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