Spoiler alert: it shows you care.

Let’s consider what we expect when we engage with a brand… A functional product. Respectful customer service. Honest communication. Sound familiar? Seems safe to say we don’t go into a transaction hoping for a substandard outcome.

Like it or not, users will look to your website as a hint of what it’s like to engage with you. Yes, you. You as a brand, and maybe even you personally. Take this example — showing a site with great content says you probably believe in communicating clearly and honestly, and caring about your customers’ needs.


Why are online shoppers abandoning their carts?

Let’s talk about shopping cart abandonment. That’s when visitors leave your site without making a purchase. It’s a big bugbear for e-commerce businesses, potentially translating to thousands in lost revenue each year.

Almost 70% of online shoppers will abandon their carts without buying anything. This is an average figure, according to Baymard Institute’s calculations from 34 studies on e-commerce cart abandonment, but a rather alarming one.

Of course, there’s not much you can do about visitors who leave for reasons outside of your control, eg. those who aren’t interested in your goods, those…

What “everyone” really means.

Accessibility is most commonly associated with designing for “people with disabilities”. And even when we talk about it being for “everyone”, the concept is still so abstract, it tends to carry the idea that accessibility is for someone else.

A different group. An other.

But this only tells half the story.

“Everyone” includes you — yes, you.

Let’s say you’re trying out a brand new recipe. It’s pretty advanced stuff, but you don’t mind the challenge. But then, sirens sing out! A baby cries! A pot boils over, your sink catches fire and your fridge runs away with the microwave.

A million…

Raise your popup game to avoid Google’s SEO penalties.

Go on. Ask any internet user how they feel about popups. You may learn some new swear words. And yet, when the business case for UX is stronger than ever, many brands still default to popups for pushing their marketing messages. Why?

No, they’re not lazy. Not entirely, anyway. It turns out that even though popups are the most disliked form of online advertising, and have been for a long time, they still work.

Popups work because they grab attention and position your message above other distractions.

Popup ads are good for conversion. Yes, really.

Entrepreneur Magazine found an…

Recently, I celebrated my 1-year anniversary of freelancing. My biggest struggle hasn’t been with the book-keeping or finding clients, but with the mindset that comes with the hustle.

What’s appropriate? What’s OK? What should I do here? At times, I can be neurotic and socially awkward, so I often ended up worrying myself into a corner. Well, after 12 months, I think I’ve got the hang of those worries.

If I could go back in time and mentor my year-ago self, just starting out on her freelance writing journey, this is what I would say:

1. Worry if you want, but don’t let it dictate your day.

The first year is where…

Conquer your fears and keep on creating: a creative’s guide to silencing your inner critic.

It took me two days to say yes, I would write this article.

Even now, with the blessing of an editor and the support of my peers, I wrestle with a cacophony of doubts. Who am I to comment? I’m not an authority. I’m not even creative. I do not belong here.

Impostor syndrome — that nagging fear you’ll be “found out” for not being as talented, capable or smart as people think — is, sadly, and old song. …

If identity is best when it’s authentic, it needs to come from a person’s own values. When I realised this, I felt less pressure to conform to the identities I didn’t fit, because I was happy with the ones that fit me.

I find World Cup season an interesting time, for reasons more than football fever and sleep deprivation. In the lead-up and throughout this period of the quadrennium, I feel heightened pressure over which team to pledge allegiance to.

This was most pronounced at the 2010 World Cup, where the first day I wore my England shirt, I got…

Just over a year ago, I tried the konmari method for sorting out my home and life.

For anyone who hasn’t head about this yet, it’s a system of cleaning house based on one simple principle: joy. Here’s some reading to bring you up to speed:

So, let’s be honest here. My house is still a mess. Let me show you.

My bedside table with books I’m reading, a junk box, junk that hasn’t yet been put in the junk box, emergency topicals (Vicks, lip balm, moisturiser, tea tree oil), along with bits and pieces that don’t belong but ended up here by accident.

Tl;dr — it builds trust.

These days, you can’t roll out of bed without landing on some words. Every marketer, designer, writer and reader should be able to tell you what good copy entails. It feels right, sounds good and delivers results. The end.

Of course, there’s more to it.

And I must admit, I always feel uncomfortable when the subject of good copy comes up. Let me tell you why.

When good words do bad things

In a sales context, the ‘goodness’ of copy is measured by its ability to convert — to entice readers into taking an action, such as buying now, calling us…

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