Churdhar Peak Trek

“Picture captured at Nahurdhar” is mainly a spot for trekkers and campers, being the starting point for the Churdhar trek. Thus, it can provide the basic things you may need for your camp, apart from the camping equipment.

After completing 20+ Trek’s, I was waiting for some more adventure. I never used to plan in advance about which the trek I am going to do. Most of my plans were random till now. I usually used to decide the place and discuss it with my friends and then head off to my destination in a short notice. But this time I was well sure about the place I was going to visit next.

Churdhar Peak trek and was hooked right from the start. The picturesque beauty and the Shiva temple at the top were so intriguing. I am not a devotee of Lord Shiva but I respect all the religious God’s and and there peak points so without even thinking for a second I knew that this was my next trek.

Churdhar peak is at an elevation of 12,000 feet. It is one of the highest peak in outer Himalayas situated in Sirmour district. Churdhar and is also known as “Choor Chandni Ki Dhar” (the ridge of the bangle of snow).The peak top remains covered with snow throughout the year. There are three different routes to reach Churdhar peak. One is from Nohradhar village (which we took on our way). Another route is from Haripurdhar village in Sirmour district and Third popular trail is from Chopal village in Shimla. The trek from Chopal is comparatively, more steeper and it takes about three hours to reach the peak through this route. On our journey, we took the Nohradhar village route. It is around 18 km away from Churdhar. Initially it is an easy path but in the end it becomes extremely steep and almost vertical also, this is the most popular route among trekkers.

So now came the time to gather fellow adventure seekers. On that note I asked my office friends and as expected got mixed replies. Some showed interest some didn’t but no one was completely sure except five. Sandy (me), Simar, Amulya, Ashish (Lala Ji), Harshad, Ravinder (Driver).

Personally, I feel that trekking is less about physical strength and more about mental toughness. You have to condition your mind like a soldier who never gives up if you are going for a trek. Trekking is all about enjoying yourself in the wild. It reminds me of the quote, “Some live to climb mountains, some climb mountains to live.” So climb mountains to live your life to the fullest!

We began hiking uphill at 7 o’ clock in the morning. Thank god, we carried few water bottles as we were misguided by some local people who told us that we would find plenty of water along the way. Apart from this, the people of Nohradhar were very helpful and kind. Initially the trail resembled Triund trek with few tree’s on the way. A street dog started walking along with us. He accompanied us till we reached our coveted destination. The sky was clear, sun all over, but the temperature was near 27°. We moved through the tranquil trail full of peace without any disturbance and away from the chaos of city.

Trekking always gives me inner peace and turns me into a better person. “Never stop travelling, because life never stops teaching.” This is how I can sum up my urge to travel, travel and travel. We went through a lush green valley on our way. View of the valley was serene, full of scenic beauty, birds chirping and cool wind blowing. As we covered around 5 km, clouds covered the whole sky and temperature increased. We met a few people descending downwards and enquired about the distance left to be covered time to time. There were only one shop in between. We were tired as it took us around four hours to cover nine kilometres. All of us were panting but we still kept on moving. The trail then went through dense forest alongside the ridge line.

After around 17km we were able to hear some devotional songs being played in the temple dharamsala. Soon we were able to see the dharamsala building along with a few tuck shops alongside. It was a sigh of relief for all of us. We reached there by 2:15 pm.

“Picture captured at Churdhar Top”

I enquired about getting a room on rent. Finally we got stay in dhamrshala and lots of charging points 😂.

After putting our begs in dharmshala. we went outside to have some food. We had tea and Maggie at a local dhaba.

After having tea and Maggie at same place we went into dharmshala. It was a big dormitory where you get blankets on rent and you have to sleep on the floor covered with mattress. We rented a total of 14 blankets as it was very cold outside during the night. We gossiped for a while, shot a few videos on our camera and then we slept whole night without having dinner. We were so tired that we slept the moment we rested on the mattress.

And when we woke up in the morning, I was taken aback by what I saw outside. The view was so mesmerizing with mountains all around and first rays of sunlight. So serene it was! I went outside, brushed my teeth and washed my face. The water was so chilled that my hands literally felt numb for few minutes. There were few tuck shops which probably were run by the natives. You can get food easily over there. But we had food in the LANGER Hall that provided by the Temple on free of cost. After having food along with the tea, I went to the temple which was close to the dormitories. The priest did the rituals and after bowing my head on the doors of Lord Shiva, I and my friends had a photography session. We almost tried every angle, every pose though I am very photogenic 😂. Ultimately photos are the only memories that will wow your hearts tomorrow. After 30–35 minutes we paid the required rents, collected our luggage and departed for Nauhrdhar. This time we chose the other way for descending down the hill. It takes almost 5–6 hours.

The more close we came to the village Nauhrdhar, the more enthralled I was by the beauty. It was a small village with traditional wooden houses and a lot of apple orchards. I was fascinated. The trees were blooming with white flowers. It seemed like some hypothetical place to me. So captivating it was.

Every time I travel to the mountains they make me realize how tiny we and our problems are in front of these giants.

I had such a good time in the mountains, got the memories which will be cherished throughout the life and I can surely say that travelling turns you to a better person.

Even I did this trekk 3 times already, But this trip was one of the best, adventurous and most memorable trip of my life .

In the end I would like to end it with a quote,

“You have never lived until you have almost died, for those who chose to fight life has a different flavour the protected will never no.”

Happy trekking!

And yeah, don’t litter the place when you’re there. Somehow, plastic wrappers and disowned bottles don’t go well with lush green lawns and majestic mountains.