Interns, Formula One and Career Planning

I’m sitting relaxing on a Sunday morning in my usual routine watching F1 racing, it’s from Austria this week. The pre-race interviews reminded me of the importance of Career planning, establishing clear achievable goals and working your way up through the ranks.

Take Max Verstappen for example. At just 17 years of age he’s reached the pinnacle of Motor Racing. He drives in Formula One with the Scuderia Toro Rosso racing team. This achievement isn’t by accident, it was by design starting with all the hard work that he put in while driving in the FIA European F3 championship.

In many other industries Internships provide the building blocks for Career planning in a similar way. Internships are something we take very seriously at Motorola Mobility and in fact the interview process is pretty much exactly the same as interviewing for a FTE (a legacy of our Google ownership).

Interns applying for positions in I.T. go through an additional four technical interviews on top of the their initial interview screening. Once we’re sure we’ve got exactly the right candidate the serious business can begin. Let’s be clear here, this is NO Summer junket.

Our Intern is studying for his Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana, IL and is working on several high profile projects on our team during his 12 week engagement. He’s got the same goals, deliverables and deadlines as the full time staff on our team and we owe it to ourselves to push him and ensure he receives as much real world experience as possible. Similar to that young Racing driver in training.

Hopefully all the Interns will gain a better sense of their future direction over the coming Summer months, the experiences they gain will help to shape their futures and it’s very rewarding to be a part of that.

So to all the Interns working at Motorola Mobility over these summer months — spend less of your time in the Game Room and more of your time looking forward, always forward to the next step in your Career planning. You’ve got your whole Career ahead of you.

Oh, yeah the race. It’s onto Silverstone, UK in two weeks. Go #44.