In our daily life we assume corruption to be an evil. We think it to be a problem, an issue which needs to be addressed to make our society better. But is it actually evil, do we really want to get rid of it?

Corruption is seeded into us right from the beginning. As a child we are told you would get new games, more chocolates, a luxurious vacation if we score more in exams. During adolescence we see various people doing different jobs but to get into most high paying jobs we need to get a seat in top colleges, two ways to get there either get top marks by paying to coaching institutions or pay colleges for paid/NRI seats.

Recently a popular political party was elected just because they offered free water and electricity. Same party if now offering to waive off house tax if they are voted to power.

This is what our society has become we want to be corruption-free but we want short cuts, we need freebies, we are the people who buy a pizza just because there is an 1+1 free offer. We love corruption, it has become a part of who we are.

Will we be able to take a stand against it, I really don’t think until we start this cleansing from the bottom we will be able to remove it.