The “Jarshippers”: Wicked Good Cupcakes

“Beyond the Tank” a part of the “Shark Tank” show, introduced me to Wicked Good Cupcakes. It was a pleasant surprise to see cupcakes being packed and shipped in a unique way. Yes, a unique way it is, cupcakes being shipped in jars. By the way, the unicorn was the first one to attract!

As an Indian, a jar reminds me of a large container made for holding something Indiany like wheat flour, pickle, chilli powder and sometimes even chutney, etc…, definitely not a cupcake even in my wildest dreams.

Put together by the Mother and Daughter duo, Tracey Noonan and Danielle Desroches, started its venture at Cohasset. Their unique packaging, the cupcakes being organic, made it a treat and a “must try” amongst their family and friends. Apart from the cupcakes being packed in a jar and being organic, they are super delicious.

Their real elevation got kick started after it was confiscated and deemed a national security risk, by a Transportation Security Administration agent.

But, appearing on the “Shark Tank” show took it to a whole new level. On the day of airing, they made a quarter of a million dollars and struck a deal with possibly one of the biggest sharks on the show, Kevin O’Leary, also known as MR. WONDERFUL.

Now, from being a small brand, Wicked Good Cupcakes have grown to be one of the biggest and best sellers of cupcakes in the US.

From, just being cupcake makers, they have broadened their array of products. Customizable cakes, cookies and fun birthday box, baby boxes, combo boxes, etc…

“The “Jarshippers” have really got the attention of the world.”

What I learnt from Wicked Good Cupcakes

  1. Getting the attention is hard
    Getting attention is easier said than done. It is a daunting task to generate attention and make a sale. Wicked Good Cupcakes kept it simple and yet it was attractive. Thus, it is always important to keep things simple while starting out to achieve the best of results. Hence, don’t overdo or exaggerate, just keep it simple.
  2. Working with the right people
    It’s highly important to work with right and hire the right set of people. The mom and daughter duo had the right set of people to begin with it. And, even though, people told them that the deal with MR. WONDERFUL was not good, they stuck to it trusted their gut feeling and ended up in making millions. Hence, now they have MR. WONDERFUL working with them, helping them reach even greater heights.
  3. Try something new
    Then, they introduced a new line of ready to bake cupcake mixture, though, the idea was not appreciated by MR. WONDERFUL, but, still it made it to the hit list along with some of their other products.
Thus, never shy away from trying something new and give up. You’ll never know its impact unless you let it swim.
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