Are You Really Happy Enough?

Does your current happiness needs no boost?

You think if you drive far and fast enough you can get to the horizon . But the horizon’s not a place you ever reach.
So, you think you’re happy enough?

You might be thinking, “Since I’m not particularly sad, then I must be happy enough.”

You’re not alone. In surveys, over 80% of people say that they are “pretty to very happy” with their lives. Eighty percent also say that their present mood is positive.

In 2005, psychologist Robert Biswas-Diener asked homeless people in Calcutta, California and Portland, how happy were they with their lives. He found that they were “very satisfied with themselves.” Surprisingly, they were quite satisfied with their looks and intelligence as well.

You see, almost everyone — even the person who’s living on pavements — thinks they’re quite happy.

Enter success. Then happiness. Really?

People believe they will be happy once they have the things they lack now. This is the idea of happiness that most people carry — that before happiness arrives, successes and achievements need to be there first.

But each time you achieve and acquire all that you want to, soon enough your happiness of success just escapes into the unknown lands. Suddenly you realize that you’re unhappy again. Perhaps, first you’re less happy, and then really unhappy. And those successes stop giving you pleasure any more.

We know that by experience. What the science tells us is this: Happiness that is linked to success doesn’t last long.

By the way, science also reveals that it’s actually happiness that comes first, not success before happiness.

Why do you keep getting unhappy?

Our happiness upswings do not last. With the happening of each such event, we always expected that the happiness will last forever — but it didn’t.

We lose our happiness spells because of a tendency of the human mind called hedonic adaptation, or simply adaptation. Humans always return to their base levels of happiness, even after their greatest positive events in life.

Is there a way to make happiness last?

In one word, one straightforward word, “No.”

Why? Because evolution made us that way. We could’t be sitting on our happiness forever. If we did that, then we wouldn’t be caring much for any possible dangers, or worrying about saving our species for the future. And without doing that, we wouldn’t be the most evolved animals on this planet.

So, how can we be really happy?
  1. Create happy events.
  2. Be there when you’re happy.
  3. Share your happiness with others.

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