Regrets of the Living. More Important Than Regrets Of The Dying…
James Altucher

James Altucher, I’m a doctor.

So let me advise you: Please go to a doctor. Even if you haven’t gone to one in 31 years.

By going to a doctor, you will show your respect to a professional who gives a major chunk of his youthful days and nights to learn their trade.

And it’s a precarious trade — a doctor doesn’t get too many chances at correcting their mistakes. So they have to be right the first time, every time.

People look to you for incredibly true advice. People longingly gaze at that space-suit guy on ‘Reinvent Yourself' and tell themselves to wake up to their wonderful possibilities. They do that because they respect you. Or perhaps, as Altucher would say, they respect you because you do that.

So, fix an appointment to a doctor to pay your reverence to the profession. And while there, tell them about the pain in your abdomen.

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