I join to #100DaysOfCode challenge.

Yesterday, I found Alexander Kallaway’s article Join the #100DaysOfCode. Later, I found article else, it was TJ Bear’s article(go to his account, he is cool man;)
I thought very much. I thought, my knowledge is not enough for so cool challenge :) But today, I going to start *drumroll* #100DAYSOFCODE CHALLENGE


  1. I want to become a more advanced Front-end developer
  2. I want to make many new friends from IT
  3. I want to write thousands strings of code
  4. I want earn money, working on freelance, to upgrade my PC

Some Rules

  1. I will code for at least an hour every day for the next 100 days.
  2. I can miss ONE day, but no more
  3. The time spent doing tutorials, online courses and other similar resources will NOT count
  4. I will push code to GitHub every day so that anyone can see my progress. If you want, you can follow me here


Q: You are crazy, where I can follow you?
On Facebook
On Twitter
On GitHub
On Medium

Q: I want join to this challenge, what I should do?
A: If you want join in this challenge, just use the hashtag #100DaysOfCode or join the 100DaysOfCode Gitter Room.

Thank you for attention, follow me to be informed in my success ;)