My first day of #100DaysOfCode

First day ending. It was so cool and hard.

What I did?

I made repo on GitHub, join to #100DaysOfCode gitter room, made some start files and started hate Git(lol).

GitHub repository

I made repo and 5 commits. But something went wrong and I had to delete repo and make new(dont worry, I added all files again).
I know Git not so much and sometimes have problems(and hatred).

My GitHub account and new repository

#100DaysOfCode Gitter room

Аfter I wrote an article, I went to Gitter room of this challenge. One good man meet me very well there. But there is usually write only at the end a new day :D I think, when #100DaysOfCode challenge will larger, this room will be full of messages.

Plans for tomorrow

  • Make wireframes
  • Start coding
  • Write new articles on Medium
  • Drink more than X liters of coffee/tea

1/100 Day

Thank you for attention, follow me and see you tomorrow! ;)