My third day of #100DaysOfCode. I hate my PC 👿

Hey! Today was my third day of very cool challenge. But my PC not let me work quickly.

My plans for today was..

  • Make header responsive — ✖️
  • Write articles on Medium — ✅
  • Drink very much coffee/tea — ✅

Some problems

Stop, stop

Please, stop! I know, I didn’t make header responsive(I made, but just some components of header). But there were reasons.

My PC is old. And it always work slow. I have to wait between switching programs, tabs in Chrome. I always brush my task manager. But still, I continue to work. I believe that it will bring me income in the future. Now I’m just saving up. Find summer jobs for teenagers (and I am a teenager, lol) in my town is impossible.

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Ok, it was a joke.

But I have good news!

I pushed my contribution to GitHub. You can see it here

Plans for tomorrow

  • Make header responsive!

And of course

  • Write articles on Medium
  • Drink as much liters of coffee/tea as I can

3/100 Days

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