On why I’d never pursue a career in writing

I love writing. Lord knows I’d give up everything to be able to tell stories for a living. A lot of people who know I love writing always ask why I’ve never considered a career in writing, journalism for instance. Truth is, that is one career path I will never, ever consider. As much as I hated studying Accounting, I’m okay with jobs in Finance.

Writing is my thing, something I do solely for me. It’s my escape from the world and everything else around me. It’s an outlet. I do not work long hours. I do not take any work home. A 9–5 is just that to me, a 9 to 5. So at 5 I pack away everything and go home- to my life. If writing became my 9–5, I would hate it. I would have nothing to escape to. My sister-in-law who is a lawyer tells me she doesn’t read for fun anymore because she reads a lot for her job. So much that reading now feels torturous to her. I do not want writing to become the same for me.

I’ve often wondered if it is okay for me to even need an escape to begin with. I mean I could build a life I do not need to escape from. That sounds nice and fluffy but the jobs that would pay me what I want are in Finance. So writing will remain my favorite hobby. Besides, I like numbers as well. They make sense to me and I enjoy working with them.

For the longest time I felt like I had to choose one; numbers or words. However I’ve come to the conclusion that I can have both and therefore I’m choosing both. There is so much freedom in that statement. I make time to write as much as I have time for numbers. I’ve found the perfect balance.

I wrote for a newspaper once and after the editing it didn’t sound like me at all. I hated that about the gig. I want my writing to sound like my writing. I don’t want to lose my voice. I want to tell my stories how I want to tell them and not have someone dictate to me how I should write. I’ll never stop writing. It is how I make sense of life, the world- anything and everything.

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