It’s strange to think that he’s been gone five years. Five years since that cold night, awoken to say our last goodbyes. I think about grief a lot. It’s such a strange phenomenon. It can come on achingly slow as our loved ones slip away, or surprise us with a phone call out of the blue. But no matter what…no matter how much you prepare, it’s just as devastating.

In the past five years, I’ve had to comfort far too many friends as their fathers and mothers passed away. Each time, I see myself in their grief, and each time…


Hi Friend,

You’ll notice I haven’t been publishing this newsletter for a few weeks. I’ve been shifting a few things around and have decided that going forward, I’ll be publishing monthly. While I know a lot of you appreciate the links, it could be a bit overwhelming. And honestly, it was for me, too. It started to feel more like a chore than a joy. So I’m paring back, with maybe the occasional bonus issue when it strikes me. In the meantime, I’m working on a new project designed as a resource for those grieving. I’m really excited about…


Hi Friend,

It’s interesting to revisit the past and see how much things change in just a short period. With modern eyes the actions and experiences of the past can be shocking and look so incredibly strange. I recently rewatched the movie Pleasantville. It was one of the first DVDs I ever bought, and seeing the movie again now 20 years on, it feels extremely fresh given our current political climate. Reevaluting where we are is part of figuring out where to go next. …


Hi Friend,

There are certain figures in our lives and in society who we call upon for guidance when things get rough or when we just want to feel inspired. Call them gurus, mentors, or figureheads, either way they help us by doing something we can’t do ourselves: giving us a grand vision of ourselves or society that’s at once aspirational and seemingly attainable. I’m interested that while we’ve had several of these figures in society, there doesn’t seem to be anyone new in recent years that we’re coalescing around. Perhaps we’re due now that we’re past the dialogue…


Hi Friend,

Sometimes in the midst of all the hectic, day-to-day swell of appointments, notifications, and endless, unnecessary meetings, a moment of beauty presents itself. But more often, we must make a conscious choice to seek out beauty: going out of our way to walk down a beautiful street, deciding to duck into that little park, or curating a moment at home. Every story this week is about people who made the choice to seek out beauty in the face of the alternative. It’s a lesson to embrace as the vacations wind down and days begin to cool. …


Hi Friend,

It’s the things that go unnoticed that define our lives. The careers and fashion falls away, and we’re left with these tiny stories that make us who we are. Each article this week looks at that idea of something small that makes us who we are. Sometimes these small things go unnoticed, other times they magnify to define our personalities entirely. But either way, it starts with something small.

So, here we go.

1. What Do 90-Somethings Regret the Most?

I loved the way this article — the summation of a few interviews with 90-somethings distills down the basic lessons its sometimes easy to…


Hi Friend,

It can be hard to let go of the things we’ve once held dear. Be they preconceptions, tradition, or understandings of ourselves. Moving on and changing requires more than just a new template (which is the domain of so many self help books). It also requires acceptance that we need to change and a willingness to enter a period of uncertainty, trusting the new process until we can decide to accept or reject its premise. All these articles this week in some way deal with that space of “fine.” …


Hi Friend,

Although we preach ideals of minimalism and valuing experiences over things, the objects in our daily lives still are hugely influential to our identity. So what happens when these inanimate pieces of plastic and carbon suddenly become animated? The pieces this week all look at this phenomenon through a variety of lenses.

So, here we go.

1. Sexy Toast

I don’t even know with this one. There’s toast and bacon and clubs and sex and it’s so strange and wonderful you’ll just have to watch the 4 minute film to get it. …


Hi Friend,

Most of the change we experience is incremental, even invisible. We go about our day-to-day, plugging along at a specific task, be it in work or play, and then…breakthrough. Sometimes it’s only realized in retrospect, other times it’s in the moment. It doesn’t always happen — sometimes our progress really is a layering of competence — but realizing, seeing, and feeling a tipping point is magic. It’s something I think a lot about in my work: when does a brand go from not known to always been there? What’s the point where digital became default? Is there…


Hi Friend,

I just got back from a great vacation in Lisbon and Berlin last week. The trip coincided with my birthday (35) and was spent both traveling solo and meeting up with friends. In the course of it all I had a lot of time to think and examine the things that I really want out of life and what makes me happy. All in all I didn’t come to too many conclusions, but I did realize a few things:

1) For me, there’a a big difference between what I want to do, what I need to do…

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