Review of Coursera Developing Data Products offered by Johns Hopkins.

JHU Developing Data Products

I recently completed the 9th and penultimate module of Coursera Data Science Specialization — Developing data products. Here is a quick review of the course:

Coverage: this course covers a lot of ground in terms of areas — shiny, shiny gadgets, leaflet, Plotly, R Markdown presentation, R packages and creating tutorial in swirl are all covered. There are two minor and 1 major project assignment required in this course.

Timing: the timing of this course is 1 month but I felt given the number of topics covered the timing should have been perhaps 6 weeks, so you will have to put in some extra effort to complete the course in 1 month (except if you don’t want to show any creativity in doing projects).

Content: content wise the course is good and enough pointers are given to you so that you can lookup resources on web. The only shortcoming in content that I felt is that shiny has not been presented as a step by step template form, instead Brian Caffo (the instructor) introduces it like showing how to build an app which is easy to follow but difficult to remember once you switch off the video, I felt some improvement could have been done in this area.

Project: you need to build an interactive Shiny App and host the app on Shiny Server (free facility provided by RStudio).

Overall: overall it’s a good course which introduces you to a lot of data science tools and which I would definitely recommend. I would easily give this course 4/5 rating!!

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