How Trumpism Threatens Silicon Valley
Khan Shoieb

The author makes a big assumption: That the average Trump supporter is actually aware of the aspirations, progress toward them and future benefits of high tech.

Many people are aware of technology costing them a job. Many more are frustrated daily when navigating the screen on an ATM or running their debit cards through the reader at the store, doing more than making a simple phone call on a cell phone or being confronted with new requirements at a job that requires a technical savvy they simply cannot nor want to possess.

I did tech support for a commercial software package for years. I finally got over being shocked when young users exposed to computers at school, at least, and calling for help were helpless to perform the most mundane tasks I tried to walk them through whether it was just general computer OS functions or the simplest of tasks inside the program.

All human activities require certain skills to accomplish. Every scientific advance from the wheel to robotics has left people behind who can’t adapt. Tech is leaving behind huge swaths of people around the world. Hopefully the promises can be met before the revolts begin.

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