Art or Everything?

What is art? How do you define art? What thoughts fill your mind when you hear the word “art”?

Take a moment to reflect upon these questions.

Merriam-Webster defines ‘art’ as ‘something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings’. Do those thoughts you had a moment ago fit as a part or whole of this description? Or are they beyond?

Explosion of thoughts through arts

I believe art exists in everything. Art is everything. And that depends on the eyes of the observer. One is capable of seeing art in anything, irrespective of whether it is beautiful or ugly, symmetric or asymmetric, colourful or colourless, natural or man-made, sane or insane, complete or incomplete. We must give access to and unlock the potentials of that third eye; the eye that looks at the same world everybody else looks at but yet finds something different, some order in randomness, and some beauty in the ugliness and some joy in the pain. It will help one be able to appreciate even the simplest things one sees in life and might push one to a state of ecstasy and exaltation, just to be alive to get a chance to experience that!

The angle, at which a heap of rocks is looked at, can make it seem something more than just rocks, given the perspective required. The time of the day at which a shadow is seen could make your jaw drop, given the imagination required. One look at the clouds and you find something interesting. Art can be anywhere, but that statement calls for a strong conviction in itself and yes, it calls for a third eye. We all have it in us.

‘Art can be anywhere.’ This sentence is literal in every sense. Art is not confined to the visuals alone. A rhythm in a song, the variations in the emotions and a lot more could be artistic. To perceive the art as universal and to view it in that perspective is your personal choice. And that is also one of the countless beauties of art. Art is just a simple three-lettered word and yet, each living being perceives it in a way different from another.